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Tinubu team to foreign media: Winning Lagos narrowly not enough to make Obi President.

Text of address by Mr. Dele Alake, Special Adviser to the President-Elect at the interactive session with representatives of International Media Organisations covering Nigeria in Abuja on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

We welcome you to this special interactive session today and we thank you for honouring the invitation. We specifically called for this session with you, who are representatives of international media organisations in Nigeria, to exchange views on the way you report our country generally and the specific matter of the coverage of the last presidential election cycle won by our party, All Progressives Congress and then Presidential Candidate now President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In the weeks and months leading to the February 25 Presidential and National Assembly elections, there were series of pre-election analysis, news reports, special features and even opinion polls from a number of partisan local pollsters and international media that gave victory to the candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi. Some of the polls were conducted online. Some polls had small samples that were not sufficiently representative of Nigeria’s diverse voting population and did not represent the realities of Nigeria’s political environment and factors that influence electoral behaviour.

But there were some other polls that correctly predicted the outcome, that our candidate was headed for victory. Our internal polls also gave us some measure of confidence. With 21 states under our party’s control, we did not expect a complete change of electoral behaviour, like in the US, where no one expects a blue state suddenly turning red 100 per cent.

With the eventual outcome of the election at variance with some of the Labour Party sponsored pre-election predictions, many international media organisations that took premature position on the basis of these flawed polls, found themselves blind-spotted, leading to some of the skewed reports about the election.

We object to the mischaracterisation of the presidential election by a section of the international media.

Contrary to the innuendos and aspersions being cast on the election by organisations such as Financial Times, Economist, New York Times among others, we make bold to say that the 2023 Presidential election is the most credible, most free and most fair national election in Nigeria since 1999.

The elections into the Senate and House of Representatives were held the same day with the presidential election. They produced an outcome that showed our party winning majority seats in both chambers. None of the presidential candidates assailed the integrity of the National Assembly elections.

Similarly, the presidential election produced expected outcome.

Anyone who is honest enough and understands the political landscape of Nigeria and the forces at play in electing a President in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society like Nigeria will know that only Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and APC could have won the election.

It must be stressed that only the APC went into the 2023 election intact. Peoples Democratic Party went into the election fragmented into three parts. Five of its Governors under the G5 group worked against their party’s Presidential candidate. Alhaji Abubakar Atiku. The Labour Party candidate, who was Atiku’s running mate in 2019 abandoned the party. In the North, Rabiu Kwankwaso, also a member of the PDP, went solo in the NNPP.

These divisions within the main opposition played out in our favour. It was a repeat of 2015, when some PDP states supported the new coalition of parties called APC and gave President Buhari a resounding victory.

The presidential candidate of PDP at his post-election press conference admitted that the Labour Party swept away his party’s votes from its traditional stronghold in South-East and South-South. He is yet to admit the impact of the rebellion of the G5 governors and Kwankwaso in large voting state of Kano.

For emphasis, it must be stated that no political party or candidate can win a presidential election in Nigeria without strong support from four of the six geopolitical zones in the country. Only the candidate of APC had such support as shown in the results declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Mr Obi could not have been elected President by winning in South-South and South-East and the Middle-belt states of Plateau, Southern Kaduna, Taraba and Nasarawa. He needed the core northern votes from the North-East and North-West. He needed the South West. Winning Lagos narrowly was not enough to make Mr.Obi President.

These are political realities that have been ignored in post-election reportage by a number of international media.

We consider it unfair and quite uncharitable to describe the last election as fraudulent, manipulated or flawed. All the noise over results not being uploaded on INEC server was misplaced. The election in Nigeria is done at about 176,000 polling units. The results are announced, signed by party agents and sent to collation centres at ward, council and state levels. Results are tallied at state level and announced. All parties after the state results are announced, already have an idea, whether they won or lost. The collation in Abuja is a mere ceremony to sum up all the results from the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory. It was in realisation of this that in 2015, President Jonathan did not wait for the Abuja collation before conceding defeat to President Buhari.

To further support our view on the credibility of the entire electoral process, we recommend three reference materials that can further enrich better understanding of how the election panned out. Number one reference material is a well-articulated Editorial commentary by Premium Times on the just concluded Presidential election. Premium Times is an independent and well respected newspaper in Nigeria.

The second material is the well-informed analysis on the electoral outcome by Professor Ebenezer Obadare, a Fellow of Council of Foreign Relations in Washington DC. Professor Obadare’s article was quite illuminating. The third reference material is an opinion piece published in Thisday Newspaper by Mr. Mahmud Jega, a respected Nigerian syndicated columnist . His article provided a clear and dispassionate review of the election and why APC/Asiwaju Tinubu prevailed against other contenders.

Gentlemen of the press, we called this parley, primarily, to appeal for a shift and a change of mindset in the way the international media report issues in Nigeria and Africa generally.

You are the ones on ground here, you understand the political environment and the nuances better than your organizations in Paris, London, Johannesburg, New-York, Beijing, Istanbul and Tehran. You are in a much vantage position to educate your bosses on how to exercise better editorial judgement on matters relating to Nigeria.

Our country, is the biggest black nation on earth with a population that is estimated to be over 200 million. Though it is the biggest economy in Africa, it is a country with institutions of state that are still growing.

We seek the cooperation of the global media to project our country as the new frontier of economic growth, best destination for foreign investments because of our large market and guaranteed profitability for investors. As a country, we don’t need news reports that stoke political tensions and exacerbate crises that can set off unrest and instability.

We are very mindful of the tendency of the opposition elements and Labour Party candidate going on a notoriously prejudiced local TV Station to cite reports from Bloomberg, Financial Times, Economist, Washington Post etc as clear evidence of electoral fraud in Nigeria, as if these reports are the gospel truth, as if those reports were not products of a tunnel vision.
As we move through this transition period to inauguration on May 29, through the next four years when our party will remain in the saddle of leadership, we want to appeal to you to make your reports more balanced, accurate and factual and also remove the tendency for negative slants in news reporting and analysis.

We thank you for your time.


Tinubu has worked very hard, we expect victory: APC-PCC



Gentlemen of the press, we welcome you to this media briefing after our hugely successful final presidential campaign rally in Lagos yesterday that was attended by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Chairman of the APC Presidential Campaign Council.

The grand rally in Lagos was a fitting conclusion to an exhilarating and unique presidential campaign that started on 10 January 2022 when our candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced his candidacy to the State House Press Corps after discussing his interest in the race with President Buhari.

From that moment, 14 months ago, Asiwaju Tinubu began a painstaking and arduous journey of reaching out to a cross section of the civil populace and constituency holders in Nigeria through a nationwide consultation ahead of his party primary.

He met with former leaders, traditional rulers, religious leaders, party stakeholders and members across the country and intimated them about his vision, capabilities and readiness to serve our country. He used the opportunity of the consultations to lay out his grand vision that will propel the emergence of a new nation where citizens will find happiness and personal fulfillment.

That intense consultation and canvassing for support ended with a resounding victory on June 8, 2022 in an open and the most transparent party primary this election season.

His vision was later distilled into key priority areas in the Renewed Hope Action Plan for a Better Nigeria that was unveiled on October 21, 2022 by President Buhari.

Shortly after the primary election, Asiwaju Tinubu proved bookmakers wrong, when he announced a very capable, brilliant, eloquent, visionary and cosmopolitan, Senator Kashim Shettima as running mate. As a man of conviction, Asiwaju Tinubu didn’t take the easy road in his choice of capable running mate. He anchored his choice and decision on who can best partner with him to usher in a new country where religion and ethnicity will not define who we are or hinder service delivery to the people.

It has been an exciting and animating campaign season since the campaign council flagged of the presidential campaign rally in Jos, the home state of our Director-General and Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong on November 15, 2022.

From the flag off in Jos, Asiwaju Tinubu, Senator Shettima, APC National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, members of the party’s National Working Committee and the leadership of the campaign council have traversed the length and breadth of Nigeria with our message of Renewed Hope which has been well received by Nigerians.

The hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic supporters and party members that thronged our rallies and those that marched on the streets to welcome our candidates attest to the popularity and acceptability of our party and flag bearers by the masses.


The APC Presidential Campaign Council and Asiwaju Tinubu redefined, set new tone and template for Presidential Campaign in Nigeria in this campaign season. Our campaign introduced Townhall interactive sessions into this campaign to take our message directly to the people across various sectors and segments of the society. In so doing, Asiwaju Tinubu and Senator Shettima took their programmes to the people. They used the opportunity of the interactive sessions to directly share their plans and visions with the electorate and align those with the people’s own desire and aspirations. The Townhall sessions became specialised focus-group sessions to connect with the people almost on one-on-one. The sessions yielded amazing feedbacks that our candidates have taken on board as they prepare to take the reins of government come May 29, 2023 after Nigerians would have freely given them the mandate to serve on Saturday February 25th.

Beginning from mid-October, with his acceptance of the invitation by Northern leaders under the umbrella of the Arewa Joint Committee, Asiwaju Tinubu and Senator Shettima conducted over 15 townhall meetings around the country. They met with the organised private sector, youth groups, traders and market women, Labour Unions, Christian Association of Nigeria and other Christian bodies, Islamic groups and leaders, miners, Federation of Construction Industry, farmers and commodity traders, traditional rulers, Women’s groups among others. Through these intimate interactions, the Tinubu/Shettima message of Renewed Hope percolated deeply to all segments of the Nigerian society, making the ticket the most identifiable by Nigerians and easily the most trusted.


Throughout the electioneering season, we worked hard to keep our commitment to focus on issues that affect the lives of Nigerians. Like our principal, Asiwaju Tinubu, we used every opportunity to sell our agenda for a better Nigeria as encapsulated in our Renewed Hope policy document. We vigorously highlighted the achievements of the current APC-led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in various sectors. These are its ambitious infrastructural development programme never witnessed in the history of Nigeria and massive improvement in agricultural production. There are also Social Investment Programmes that have been applauded globally as revolutionary and first in Africa and huge investment in our armed forces for better security, among other significant achievements of the APC administration.

We worked very hard to stay on issues, while the opposition elements, especially the rudderless Peoples Democratic Party constantly assailed Asiwaju Tinubu with ridiculous, unsubstantiated and often fabricated allegations all in futile bid to derail our campaign. Despite all the evil machinations of the opposition, we remained focused on our message of prosperity that will ride on the achievements of the current APC government, with strong determination by Asiwaju Tinubu and Senator Shettima to improve on areas that require greater and better governance outcomes.


Gentlemen of the press, we are sure many of you must have seen all manner of opinion polls in the last few weeks that gave victory in the coming election to the Labour Party candidate, Mr. Peter Obi. These polls have oscillated between the sublime and the most ridiculous. We want to state categorically here, that those polls will only lead to despair, despondency, utter shame and disappointment because the pollsters only took a flight of fancy. There is no evidence and reality on ground anywhere in Nigeria as far as the presidential election is concerned that support Mr. Obi winning this election. Labour Party has no pathway to victory. This presidential election is going to be a straight contest between the candidates of APC and PDP and from more studious and rational polling, our candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is coasting home to victory despite the current challenges in the implementation of the currency swap and fuel scarcity that have caused some difficulties for almost all Nigerians regardless of social and economic status.

We particularly find amusing the ANAP/NOI and Nextier polls that projected Mr. Obi as the winner or preferred candidate to win the presidential election. We have had cause to alert the security agencies to keep these pollsters under watch because their intention is to prepare ground for unrest by giving false hope of winning to Mr. Obi’s motley crowd of supporters who have predilection for violence with the way they bully, harass, intimidate and insult anyone who thinks differently from them.


Gentlemen of the press, in the last six months, we have conducted a good campaign. Our candidates have travelled round all the 36 States and even made return trip to many states for additional engagements. Our message of Renewed Hope and better future have resonated well with Nigerians who are prepared to entrust the future of our country to the capable and steady hands of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senator Kashim Shettima with their votes on Saturday, February 25th.

Our message has been that the candidates in their first opportunity to govern their states of Lagos and Borno, left good impressions about themselves with their track records as performers and innovators. We cannot say the same of their competitors for power.

The Independent National Electoral Commission and our armed forces, especially the police, have all declared their preparedness and readiness to ensure we have a free, fair and credible election. APC as a party and our campaign council are ready for the election too. We have worked so hard  since INEC declared campaign open for Presidential and National Assembly positions on September 28, 2022. We are certain of victory because Nigerians will elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for, he clearly stands apart from the pack and has worked so much to earn the trophy.

Finally, we sincerely thank you Gentlemen of the press for your support to our campaign and very good coverage you gave to our principals. We solicit your continuous cooperation in the days ahead as we manage our post election victory by the grace of God.

Thank you all.


Tinubu never asked governors to disregard President Buhari



It is fake news: Tinubu never asked governors to disregard President Buhari

Our attention has been drawn to a fake viral news published by the Peoples Gazette, claiming Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate has asked APC governors to ignore President Muhammadu Buhari’s broadcast and enforce the Supreme Court ruling on the recirculation of old Naira notes.

The publication by the platform is fake .

Tinubu never issued such an order. Mr Dele Alake, the APC-PCC Adviser on Media and Communications never issued such advisory on behalf of Asiwaju Tinubu.

The message quoted by Peoples Gazette was being randomly shared on WhatsApp. Mr Alake was not the author.

Asiwaju Tinubu has been known, since the currency swap crisis started, to call for calm as the authorities try to find out a solution to the currency crisis. He has offered a six-point suggestion to lessen the anguish our people are facing in trying to get money from the banks.

He has also held several meetings with President Buhari, his leader over the matter.

It is thus inconceivable and unthinkable that he would instruct APC governors to disregard President Muhammadu Buhari’s order on the currency matter.

Governors who have so far declared this line of action said clearly that they were acting on the ruling of the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land.

Asiwaju has had no influence in this decision.

Journalists, unless acting on the dictates of political opponents or prosecuting some agenda, should endeavour to confirm authorship of their materials from the Media and Publicity Directorate of the campaign. They can also seek confirmation from the Tinubu Media Office or Mr. Alake .

The Gazette should recant the story with immediate effect.

Bayo Onanuga
Director, Media & Publicity
APC Presidential Campaign Council
February 17, 2023

Tinubu speaks at Chatham House as Alex Vines looks on

At Chatham House Tinubu proved naysayers wrong, says Alake

, ,

The Adviser on Media and Communication of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Dele Alake has described critics of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as character assassins.

Speaking on Channels Television, Politics Today, Alake while commending Tinubu’s delivery at Chatham House in London said: “Tinubu proved all the naysayers of negativism, all those who left germane issues facing Nigeria and engaged in character assassination wrong.

“Asiwaju has been applauded and commended by all and sundry. From the report we got, people are saying they never knew he was this articulate, he was flawless”.

Asked why people spoke for him during questions, he said: “That’s one of the innovations of Asiwaju Tinubu. Don’t forget that one of his strengths has been identifying talents and head hunting of the highest order.

“Anybody who knows Asiwaju would know that he’s primus inter pares in team building that is what he showed. Those who are saying what you just said are ignorant of the dynamics of leadership.”

Alake insisted that “leadership is not one man show! Successful leadership is the one that is based on a team that is professional, and that is management acumen. Asiwaju also answered questions personally and directly.

“He wanted to show the calibre of his team. In fact that style is being copied by some of his opponents. In his address, he spoke for 28 minutes. Nobody helped him to deliver his address. The question and answer was a small part of the engagement.

“He sought to display the dexterity of his team which is also an important ingredient in successful leadership. People must get their priorities right.

“When you want a good leader and one of the requirements of a good leadership is the ability and capacity to build a strong team that is knowledgeable and strong, that is what Tinubu has done”.

Published by Vanguard


Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a man of many traditional honours across the country, from north to south, west to east. The array of titles he has garnered was only comparable to that of Chief Moshood Abiola, winner of the 1993 Presidential election.


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